There are many positions on the issue of What Is The Ideal Age to Have a Child?. Recently an English study claimed that the most appropriate age was from 30 years. According to this study from this age is when they reach full conditions physical

What Is The Ideal Age to Have a Child?
What Is The Ideal Age to Have a Child?

The Ideal Age to Have a Child?

This study was based on the health status of 3,000 women. The researchers finally determined that the optimal age was 34 years of age. The study in question has been published in the Health and Social Behavior Journal, and is based on statistics that some scientists do not share.

Other studies adopt different positions in this regard, as the optimal age is at 20 years. This is a controversy that does not allow clarification on this issue and confuses the population.

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If we look at what biology says we will see that the most fertile period of a woman is usually between 16 and 28 years. And has much to do with sexual maturity. Higher fertility and puberty. Therefore it is quite clear, that between these ages, both physical and psychic energy are at an optimal level. Diseases that interfere with fertility are practically non-existent. Therefore, Many studies show that fertility drops gradually, a first decline at 30 years, a second at 35 and finally the last at 40, with some exceptions.

What Is The Ideal Age to Have a Child?

To say more, the greatest reproductive capacity of man is when he turns 20. This has a lot to do with what we have said before about the optimal fertility of women. So, what is the point of the study prepared by the English scientists?

In this study, they have used various concepts to find the result. Personal fulfillment, life expectancy, biological age, etc. All these concepts have provided an average that in our opinion is not adapted to reality. And that they should take into account as a fundamental basis the fertile age and not the concepts that surround it.

If we take into account this study, it is possible that “we pass the rice”. We must pay attention to our biological pattern, which indicates that the optimal age is between 16 and 28 years.



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