This is Why You can still get pregnant on the pill

Avoiding pregnancy is the reason why you can take the pill, And you expect not to get pregnant.
But if you did not know it, oral contraceptives are not 100% effective against pregnancy. According to the US Department of Health, between five and nine out of every 100 women will be pregnant. UU

Like a kick in the stomach, how? Do not start going crazy now, you can still get pregnant, if you take the pill, it’s still pretty unlikely; This is what you need to know just in case.

I’m confused: how can you get pregnant with the pill?

It depends on how carefully the pill is taken: “perfect use” instead of “typical use”.

For example, a perfect application is to take the pill every day at about the same time and without mistakes. This is obviously the best way to stay pregnant: when used correctly, the pill is 99% effective, Planned Parenthood said.

“If you are loyal to it every day, that should be fine,” said Mary Jane Minkin, MD, Clinical Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences at the Yale School of Medicine. “But the problem is that we are human and people sometimes skip the pills.”

This is where the typical use comes into play. Let’s say you forgot one or two doses once a month or take them later than usual (just three hours for some). This can reduce the effectiveness of the pill and reduce it for the planned education to only 91%. Oh

The type of medication you take is also important: The combination pill – which also contains estrogen-progestin – is slightly more effective than just slow progestogen pills (mini-pills).

According to HHS, only the progestogen pill works by thickening the cervical mucus and thinning the lining of the uterus. This will prevent sperm from entering your egg – but the cervical mucus may become thinner again even after a missed dose (HHS recommends using a backup method in BC, eg the condom) skipping one dose even three hours).

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COCs, in turn, contain estrogen and progestin, prevent the ovaries from releasing ovaries, in addition to making the cervical mucus thick and the uterine lining thin. That’s why you usually have a week with inactive pills, the combined pills have a little more resistance.

The way you treat forgotten pills is also different for each type: if you forget to take a combination pill, take it as soon as possible (or take two tablets). If you take only one progestin tablet, take it as soon as possible. but do not take two at the same time. Instead, start taking tablets again, as you regularly do, and use another form of contraception for two days, until you are protected again.

Some medications may also make your pill less effective, such as antibiotics, antifungals, and antiepileptic drugs for any planned educational function. If you start taking it, contact your doctor to make sure your contraceptive is not compromised.

So, how can I make sure that birth control is as effective as possible?

Take it every day at the same time.

One easy way to do it is to integrate it into your daily routine, says Minkin, who suggests doing it after breakfast, a good time to take medication.

If you take the trouble to remember to do things on a daily basis, consider another type of contraceptive, Minkin says.

Both the Nuva Ring and the patch that works as a pill: You can change these things every week or every month, depending on what you use, but you do not remember to drink anything every day. Better yet, choose a long-term contraceptive method, such as the IUD, which can take up to 12 years, depending on the species.

Okay, but what if I get pregnant with the pill?

Stop taking it immediately, says Minkin. Although the risk of birth defects in all people (even in patients without a pill) is 3%, there is an increased risk of birth control during pregnancy, he says.

“We can never really tell if [a congenital anomaly] is due to the pill or something else,” says Minkin. “There is a very small risk, but it is not bad.”

After that, you should definitely contact your doctor to discuss the next steps, depending on your personal choices.


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