Christmas is a very special time of the year that we usually share with the family. But it is also a good time to make a unique and unforgettable trip. If you have the illusion of living these intimate holidays as a traveler. From www.eyenews.us we offer you the best destinations in Africa where you can travel at Christmas 2018. These are The 10 Most Special Places to Travel for Christmas in Africa in 2018.


The 10 Most Special Places to Travel for Christmas in Africa in 2018

If you are lucky enough to have a few days off for the Christmas holidays. You can make a dream traveler come true. It is a different way of celebrating the festivities that await us at each end of the year. See how you live Christmas differently in different African destinations or celebrate the arrival of the new year in an unusual environment for you, it will be a beautiful experience that you will never forget.

With a few days and with itineraries adapted to the availability of your winter holiday dates. We offer you very attractive options to travel on Christmas in Africa in 2018. You can choose a destination with clear Christmas connotations or select an absolutely different way of living these holidays.

The African continent awaits you for Christmas as well as New Year’s Eve. Here we present 10 lovely options where to travel at Christmas in Africa in 2018.

Christmas in North Africa



Live a spectacular end of the year discovering the magic of the Magi in the Great Erg Chebbi (“Desert of Dunes”), visiting the most important kashba (Berber fortification) in the country as well as admiring impressive gorges. Enjoy some sensations that you will never forget with this trip to Morocco.



With this trip to Algeria, you can visit the Tassili Tadrart, one of the most emblematic places in the Sahara and discover the ancestral culture of this North African country, as well as visit the capital Algiers. Expand the information of the trip to Algeria.



Tunisia is a country with a millennial cultural heritage as well as an exotic beauty that you will love, between its beaches, its desert and its picturesque cities. With this trip to Tunisia you will choose an exciting destination to go to at Christmas 2018. Extend the information here.

Travels in East Africa



If you want to live strong emotions in your Christmas holidays, your destination is this trip to Ethiopia centered in the region of Danakil, which is the authentic cradle of humanity. An experience that will dazzle you. You will discover one of the least explored areas of the planet with the surprise of the Dallol volcano, besides knowing the typical Ethiopian markets. You will start the new year as you would have never imagined.



A proposal full of nature and fauna where to go in the Christmas holidays is to make a route by truck through Kenya. Surely for you, it will be a dream come true to know the most emblematic reserves and natural parks of Kenya like that of Masai Mara. The greatest natural spectacle in the world will unfold before you with this trip to Kenya. Review the itinerary.



Sharing Christmas with the last mountain gorillas on the planet is something that can not be imagined in an absolute way if you do not live. With this trip to Uganda, you will also get to know the wonderful region of the Great Lakes with its lush and lush landscape. You will start the year next to the mythical “mountains of the moon”. More information about the trip to Uganda.

What to do at Christmas in Western Africa



Also, its one of The 10 Most Special Places to Travel for Christmas in Africa in 2018. A trip to a country with very little tourist incidence as Guinea Bissau will give you incredible and different sensations. The Bijagó archipelago with its variety of beautiful maritime and forested landscapes will delight you. The contact with the Bijagó ethnic group to know their traditions, rites and peculiar way of life will be a unique experience in this trip to Guinea Bissau. Access the full content of this trip.



After celebrating Christmas at your home, this will be the end of the year to remember always with the special trip to Senegal and the Gambia, whose axis is cultural exchange and contact with ethnic groups in the area. There you will admire the colors of the tropical vegetation of West Africa. Also, this is an absolutely responsible and sustainable trip.



Its also, one of The 10 Most Special Places to Travel for Christmas in Africa in 2018. Discovering Benin will fill your Christmas with adventure. Furthermore, In the country of voodoo you will find more than 50 different ethnic groups to live the most authentic animist Africa at its best. If you are fond of photography, this trip to Benin will give you different and unthinkable possibilities in any other place in the world.

Traveling in parties in Southern AfricaThe 10 Most Special Places to Travel for Christmas in Africa in 2018

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Its also, one of The 10 Most Special Places to Travel for Christmas in Africa in 2018. The Rainbow Route by truck will take you to spend a dream Christmas holidays in the south of the African continent through South Africa and Swaziland. Surrounded by fantastic landscapes and exuberant fauna, you will live the most genuine African adventure.





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