Taking aspirin daily may be more dangerous than useful

Taking aspirin daily may be more dangerous than useful - Side Effects of Asprin

The study shows that healthy elderly people taking aspirin on a daily basis do not enjoy health protection but are more susceptible to heavy bleeding.

During the almost three years of the study, it has been found that daily aspirin is not necessary for the elderly, who are in good health, but it does not necessarily have to present an already existing condition.

Newspaper published in the New England Journal of Medicine, found that daily aspirin increases the health of the elderly, is not a long-term health, but at a higher risk of abundant bleeding encountered.

They found that severe bleeding affected the gastrointestinal tract (stomach and intestine) and intracranial hemorrhage (in the skull).

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Although three basic research studies have been conducted for more than four years, more than 19 million people are over 70 years old.

Study participants were randomized to receive 100 mg aspirin or placebo – as an oral tablet.

In the third study, the researchers concluded that the group receiving aspirin had a higher risk of dying from those who considered themselves healthy than the placebo group.

They also explained the mortality rate of the test group with higher mortality.

However, the researchers acknowledged and pointed out that, according to previous studies, even those with a history of heart attack or stroke take aspirin every day, far outweighing the potential risks.

The risk of cardiovascular disease or who do not have Alzheimer’s disease, stroke or movement has a “permanent physical disability” is in daily use of aspirin due to bleeding, and use it as a precaution, take the initiative to save the life of the greater Prolong the risk

Long-term response

Professor John McNeil, one of the researchers at Monash University in Australia, told the Independent that over 100 years old, although aspirin, she never clear whether healthy seniors should as a preventative measure to protect more health longer.

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“Aspirin is the most commonly used preventative drug, the answer to this question should be resolved, which means that millions of healthy seniors around the world who take low-dose aspirin can not do anything about it. unnecessary medical, because the research shows the general interest to offset the risk of bleeding, “- said McNeil.

Despite the results above, the researchers also pointed out that if you are healthy, elderly and you take aspirin every day, you do not stop. You should ask your doctor what steps you should take in the future.


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