Simple Ways to Boost Your Testosterone
There are many medications and treatments to increase testosterone Levels, some of them can be effective, but they can be very expensive and if I told you, there are natural ways to dramatically increase testosterone without expensive medications or side effects. These are and Proven ways to naturally increase testosterone levels.
1. Eat more protein, more carbohydrates and healthier fats,

No doubt food has a great influence on testosterone levels and overall health, Eat protein-rich foods, such as eggs, peanut butter, chicken and oysters.

Carbohydrates can have a greater impact on testosterone levels, even with carbohydrates, has been shown to optimize testosterone levels in resistance training and sexual activity. surprisingly

Health fats like avocado, omega-3 and sardines, are known to easily improve testosterone levels. remember! You do not really need a costly diet, all you have to do is watch what you eat.

2. Training and lifting weights,

I am sure that you now know how important exercise is to your body and your health, even if it means taking a walk

At least 2 times a week can increase your testosterone incredible. The investigation revealed that after 15 minutes

Weightlifting, testosterone increases exponentially, but it is known that require at least consistent weightlifting to maintain high levels of testosterone.It will look like a male model! Actually, it’s like shooting two birds with one stone, a high intensity workout interval is also effective, but in reality, any kind of workout should work consistently, exercises and weight lifting were shown to have a bigger impact on men older ones People.

3. reduce stress and cortisol,
Cortisol is a hormone like dopamine and testosterone. Apart from the fact that cortisol is the bad guy, and does not want to win the fight, there is more stress you have, more increases the level of cortisol, testosterone and cortisol have an opposite effect,

When testosterone increases, decreases and cortisol increases cortisol, testosterone decreases. to prevent cortisol levels

Try to reduce stress, reduce stress, follow these instructions: exercise, get enough rest, eat more whole foods and drink

At least 8 glasses of water per day. .

4. Get plenty of sunlight,

The sun is important for many benefits, but the most important thing is that sunlight gives us vitamin D, vitamin D is becoming increasingly popular

Its numerous benefits, elevated testosterone is one of them, so do not be afraid to take 5 to 20 minutes a day in sunlight. if you live in the frozen region

Do not worry! Because vitamin D exists in every supermarket you know, and they are just as effective as the sun.

5. Get enough sleep

I can not stress enough about the importance of sleep, doctors recommend 8 hours of sleep a day, although sleep varies from one person to another,

Research reported that sleep for 5 hours or less when a decrease in testosterone levels by 15%! The study also showed that sleeping for at least 7 hours or

more, increase testosterone by 15% or more.
These are the most proven ways to naturally increase testosterone levels by relying on 2 or more of the above list. If you find this video useful, you’ll need to sign up and share it to help the channel create even better content.


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