Side Effects and Solutions of Using Power Booster Medicines Before Sex On Natural Ability to Sex

Having sex is very important for a human being as there are uncountable Health and Mental Benefits of Having Sex Regularly.
Now we must remember that there is an optimal level of sexuality for our hormones/libido / bodily reactions. Pressing the kinks, intentional wordplay, with power-boosters to reach higher levels than the body currently supports (instead of gaining that higher level a little more) will most likely end up making one of them dependent not overwhelming sexual ability. Of course, this can be done better by cycling safely *.

Returning to Viagra / Cialis and the like, I personally know people who have become physically and mentally dependent on celebrating with women. This dependence is not irreversible (nothing is real), but it is a sad state that obviously it is better to avoid. It usually begins as a “little help”, so they are less afraid of acting with excessively hot or multiple partners, and can continue or continue for the next girl and girl, or simply multiply by the same. My experience is that the body with a senseless sex marathon can only be very healthy if it is done only on rare occasions – and the use of substances, for not respecting the will of the body and giving it the rest it deserves and needs, so General has very crap consequences.

Personally, I prefer to configure my machine in its optimal state, respect the will of my body and improve from there instead of overclocking so that then it burns or freezes.

Of course, one can extend sexual pleasure and capacity far beyond what it was or should be. Some things reinforce us immediately, others can take months to achieve the effects. Here are some smart methods that provide a higher sexual quality in both pleasure and skill:

  • Lifting weights, especially squats, deadlifts and other full-body exercises;
  • cone;
  • The whole, but especially the white part of the watermelon (citrulline – effect similar to Viagra);
  • Self-hypnosis and meditation;
  • Great previous/real connection with the woman;
  • Elders eat properly, drink a lot of water, sleep well (in complete darkness) 
  • Reduction of the cortisol level (you can relax, feel carefree, receive massages, stretch, relax activities …)
  • Cold showers;
  • Cycling * supplements such as Tribulus, Catuaba (many types) were mixed 1: 1 with Marapuama, guarana, ginseng, Panax ginseng and others, Tongkat Ali, M. pruriens, Lepidium meyenii (Maca), Ashwagandha …
  • Taking a multivitamin/minerals;
  • Drink Ilex paraguariensis (Erva Mate), coffee (or reduce the intake of caffeine);
  • Brazil nuts (selenium), pumpkin seeds (magnesium), oysters (zinc), peanuts, bananas, cabbage, garlic, onions …
  • Probiotics (kefir, sauerkraut, kombucha …)
  • Decrease inflammatory levels in the body (probiotics do it very well);
  • The sun hits your skin/pupils (comfortably) without glass/barrier in the middle;
  • free antidepressants and other prescribed chemicals or drugs not prescribed whenever possible (SSRIs are probably the worst case – you can convert Hypericum perforatum * and heavy exercises); [* Update: it’s not very good for your T … but the SSRIs are worse.]
  • The shit transplant with Clostridium scindens (a bacteria of the intestinal flora that produces testosterone/androgens);
  • Have a good general perspective on life and work/have fun;

* Cycle the substances/methods (ie, use and stop for a week, and do something else for three) so that your body does not have the opportunity to get used to it.


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