Quitting smoking can be difficult, and most people who try to quit cold turkeys tend to fail. If you do not like that method, maybe it’s time to try something different.

Effective Alternatives to Stop Smoking

Although there is no conclusive scientific evidence that alternative smoking cessation methods are effective, there are many people who have successfully completed these methods.

These are the five most common alternative ways to stop smoking:

1. Acupuncture: This ancient therapy is used for many things, one of which is the cessation of smoking. And although the jury still does not know if it works for everyone, studies show that it is a viable option for many smokers.

2. Laser therapy: In this treatment, weak or cold hands are used to stimulate points in the body much like acupuncture. The goal of light is to stimulate brain chemicals known as endorphins, which mimic the “relaxing” effect of nicotine in the brain. However, there is not much research that supports the success of this alternative.

3. Hypnosis refers to an altered state of consciousness in which the subject appears to be in a trance and is more susceptible to psychological suggestion or manipulation. Hypnotherapy methods to stop smoking generally try to decrease the desire for cigarettes or help maintain focus in a quit program.

4. Herbal Cigarettes: Herbal cigarettes normally contain no tobacco and, therefore, no nicotine, so many believe that they are a safe alternative to tobacco. However, they are just as harmful as cigarettes, because they release toxins when they are burned. Some herbal cigarettes are known as “bidis” and “clove cigarettes,” although they contain tobacco and are generally not filtered, which means they contain more nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide. If you try to quit smoking, these are probably the worst available options.

5. Electronic Cigarettes: These are marketed as less harmful alternatives to smoking and have gained popularity as access to them has been expanded. Although there is still much controversy around them, recent research shows that smoking smokers switching from tobacco to electronic cigarettes are less harmful than conventional smoking.


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