Nine Health and Mental Benefits Of Having Sex  Regularly

Jumping in the bed with someone is not just a good time: it’s also good for your health. Of course, sex is cardio, but there are other amazing benefits to having sex that you may not be aware of. Hardly anyone needs an excuse to have sex. However, daily sex involves a number of health benefits of sex that give you even more reason to approach someone.

1. Sex stimulates the immune system
It is a fact that people who regularly have sex need fewer sick days. A study conducted at Wilkes Wilkes University in Pennsylvania found that this was due to the fact that regular sex stimulates a crucial antigen in saliva and mucosal coatings, the first line of defense against disease. Even those who have not had sex often have more antigens than those who have never had sex.

2. Sex helps you to relax
Here’s a shock: If you have sex, you’re less stressed out. You may have noticed that it happens in your life, but you really do not know why. The reason is that sex releases dopamine in the brain, as does oxytocin, the so-called “love hormone”. It’s not just humans: even rats that use it regularly are less stressed than rats that do not.

3. Sex leads to a restful sleep
This is probably not good news for men who are used to sleeping deeply after sex. However, this can apply to both women and men. The culprit is a chemical called prolactin, which is associated with both sleep and sex. The amount of prolactin in your body increases after sex as well as during sleep. A short role in hay at bedtime could be exactly what the doctor orders for anyone who has difficulty getting 40 winks.

4. Sex makes you Hornier
It’s a fact: sex makes you want more sex. Lauren Streicher, MD, as an assistant at Northwestern University in Chicago, emphasizes that sex is one of the best ways to improve your sex life. For women, regular and regular sex means that there is more vaginal lubrication and elasticity, which makes sex more enjoyable and makes him more in the mood.

5. Sex works as a natural painkiller
Forget the old apology for a headache. One of the best health benefits of having sex is that it is a natural painkiller. A recent study found that in women who suffered from migraine, the pain could be reduced. Although no one is really sure why, most speculations focus on the release of endorphins, natural painkillers that also flood the brain during sex.

6. Sex makes you look younger
Here is another way sex can lead to more sex: it makes you look younger, up to ten years old. If you have sex three times a week, you will exploit this advantage. There is a very simple reason for this: if you take part in activities that you like, you will look younger and keep you young. And really, which activity is more fun than sex?

7. Sex reduces the risk of cancer in men
Get ready for the best news you’ve heard all day: Sex reduces the risk of cancer in men.Having sex is like one of the Incredible Tips to Prevent Cancer. One study found that men who had more than 21 orgasms in one month are least prone to prostate cancer. Perhaps the best part is that you do not even have to have sex with someone else to get these health benefits of sex. Since prostate cancer is one of the most common forms of male cancer, this is good news for men at risk.

8. Sex lowers blood pressure
Hypertension is another common health risk for men that can help to minimize sex. Men who have intercourse on a regular basis are nearly two thirds less prone to cardiovascular disease than their sexual counterparts. Unlike the prostate cancer trick, this will not work alone; For some reason, this benefit is exclusively related to vaginal intercourse. Researchers believe that this has to do with greater intimacy.
This benefit not only reduces the risk of heart disease but also significantly reduces the risk of heart attack.

9. Sex prevents erectile dysfunction
Today, there are no pills, pumps or potions on the market that can help prevent erectile dysfunction better than just having sex. Sex helps maintain the tissue in the oxygenated and healthy penis, resulting in lighter erections. In addition, many physicians compare sex with every other physical activity: the more you work out, the more you exercise to do it.
10. Sex helps to get pregnant
Of course, at this point in your life you know how children are made. But did you know that the more sex you have, the better chance you get pregnant? Obviously this is a case of “you can not win the lottery without buying a ticket”, but there’s more to it: if you have sex, reg


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