We bring to you the topic of 10 Devastating Effects of Loneliness. Loneliness has touched everyone at some point in life. And in some people, it is a chronic situation that they do not see how to get out of.

10 Devastating Effects of Loneliness
10 Devastating Effects of Loneliness

Except for some exceptions, it is an undesired situation similar to depression and anxiety. Loneliness can be defined as a subjective difference between the level of social contact achieved and the level desired by the individual.

10 Devastating Effects of Loneliness

Loneliness can be social. When the individual does not have a network of relationships of which they feel part to either share interests or activities.

It can also be emotional when there is a loss or lack of an intimate and close relationship with another person. This leads to the 10 Devastating Effects of Loneliness.

Loneliness is also related to the ability of the individual to express and communicate their feelings and opinions. When this emotional competence is lacking to relate to us, it increases the likelihood of being left alone.

Since the relationships, we try to establish turn out to be less empathetic and enthusiastic. Hence resulting in these 10 Devastating Effects of Loneliness.


Loneliness is usually linked to states such as sadness, lack of love and negativity. However, a small dose of occasional solitude can be beneficial and even desired. Especially when dealing with these  10 Devastating Effects of Loneliness. For example to help us mourn the loss of a loved one or for any other reason.

Here, are the 10 Devastating Effects of Loneliness, we describe the impact of loneliness in 10 surprising ways.

1. Loneliness does not depend on the number of friends or relationships we have.

As we had mentioned before, loneliness is a subjective quality of relationships. In other words, you may feel emotionally or socially disconnected from the people around you. It is the feeling of being alone despite being surrounded by others and this is related to loneliness

2. About 60% of married people feel lonely.

It is a sad situation but when couples do not share their deepest feelings or their experiences with each other. It generates feelings of disconnection and loneliness. People in these relationships believe that their spouse can not offer them a deep emotional connection that they need. While their fears may be correct or not.

3. Loneliness can distort our perception of our relationships.

Scientific research has found that. The mere act of asking people to remember those times when they felt alone was enough to deteriorate their relationships. This perceptive distortion causes lonely people to withdraw even more from the same people who could help relieve their loneliness. To make matters worse, friends may be reluctant to connect with lonely people.

4. Loneliness can spread through social networks.

Loneliness is a social stigma. We have the ability to identify those who feel alone around us. An investigation found in a period of six months that. Solitary people were marginalized to the periphery in social networks and surprisingly so were their friends. Being pushed into the “cold zone”, literally because loneliness has a curious effect on our body.

5. Loneliness really makes us feel colder.

Scientific studies found that when a subject remembers a time when he felt lonely. His estimate of the temperature of the room environment was significantly lower. And everything does not end there. Because the real temperature of the skin also fell. In fact, our bodies respond dramatically.

6. Loneliness makes us feel the attack of our bodies.

Loneliness causes an immediate and severe physical reaction in us, increases our blood pressure and cholesterol and activates our response to physical and psychological stress. Reason why…

7. Chronic loneliness significantly increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Over time, those who feel lonely chronically have a significantly higher incidence of cardiovascular disease, because their bodies are under constant pressure from relentless stress. But this is not the only impact it has on our bodies …

8. Loneliness suppresses the functioning of our immune system.

Loneliness can have a negative impact on our immune system which can function less effectively, which over time, puts us at greater risk of developing all kinds of ailments and diseases. Even brief periods of loneliness can affect our immune system, because …

9. Loneliness can reduce the effect of vaccines.

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10. Loneliness is as harmful as smoking cigarettes.

Scientists have concluded that loneliness can have such drastic effects on our body that it represents such a big risk to our long-term health and longevity as smoking cigarettes, in fact, studies have concluded that chronic loneliness increases our risk of premature death by 14%.

Therefore, be sure to take action when you are alone, and guide the lonely people around you about the dangers of loneliness.


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