Diabetes is classified as an emerging pandemic, the disease is spreading rapidly due to obesity, overweight and physical activity.
Due to diabetes, there is a possibility of 50% increase in the next 10 years. There is likely to be 80% more deaths in upper-middle income countries.


Type 1. Diabetes decreases production of sufficient insulin and type-2 diabetes increases due to the absence of available insulin.
Type-2. Diabetes is more common than type-1 diabetes due to insulin not being used properly. Apart from this, it helps in spreading diabetes in the world by 90%.
According to the report, the possibility of having type-2 diabetes in children was less. In many countries, the findings of type-2 diabetes cases in children and adolescents have come from recent research.
The rising type of diabetes and the third type of diabetes is called gestational diabetes, which is caused by the rise of blood sugar or hyperglycemia during pregnancy.
In 2005, more than 1.1 million people died due to diabetes. The reason for the death of those who live with diabetes for many years is due to heart disease or kidney failure.
Worldwide, 80% of diabetes occurs in countries with low and middle income groups.
Along with inadequate use of health services, due to lack of awareness of this disease, diseases such as blindness, kidney weakness increase.
Healthy eating and physical exercise for 30 minutes can be prevented by diabetes. The healthy and the other body parts function properly, especially the kidneys, by doing intense activity. A healthy diet maintains the normal weight of the body and avoiding tobacco can be prevented from the onset of diabetes, especially from Type II diabetes.

1. Diabetes is not the same as diabetes.

A difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetics. Type 1 diabetics no longer have their own insulin production. The immune system has attacked and destroyed the producer cells. They depend on lifelong insulin injections.
In type 2 diabetics, the cells of the body no longer respond adequately to the insulin produced until the body stops producing.

3. “Diabetes” is (in) curable.

Type 1 diabetes is incurable. Therefore, these patients require insulin injections for life.

It looks a bit different for type 2 diabetics. A true cure in the traditional sense is not possible. However, you can influence the course yourself. A proper diet combined with exercise, acts as a drug and improves the prognosis. Especially cardiovascular diseases are reduced in the long term. But only while you use it.

4. Diabetes is a disease of affluence.

In a way, that is true. The more access the population has to industrially processed foods and beverages, the more diabetics there are. The industrialized nations are at the forefront, But the number of cases is also increasing in emerging economies.

5. Diabetics live shorter.

That is statistically proven. Diabetes (type 2) shortens life in about five years. Because sugar is usually accompanied. Metabolic disease likes to occur along with cardiovascular diseases or make them worse. If the patient smokes, the risk increases even more.



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