Organically grown foods contain significantly less nitrate and rarely pesticide residues compared to conventional ones. In addition, they are GMO-free.

Again and again, there were indications of a positive health effect of organic products. A Dutch study showed that infants who drank organic milk instead of conventional milk suffered less often from allergic skin diseases.

Added to this is the result of a large European study from the UK. It showed that the content of important antioxidants in organic crops and their products is up to 60 per cent higher than in conventional ones (343 studies on the ingredients of organic and conventionally grown crops were used for this purpose).

The switch to organically grown food, therefore, provides as many additional antioxidants as one to two additional servings of fruits and vegetables daily. The content of toxic heavy metals, especially of cadmium is lower

Fewer nitrates and pesticide residues

Many analyzes have shown that organic products contain significantly less nitrate and only rarely residues of chemical-synthetic plant protection products compared to conventional ones. There are hardly any differences in exposure to pollutants such as heavy metals or persistent chlorine chemicals such as DTT or PCB. They are found in traces throughout the environment, including organic products.

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