Medical reports have come out with 12 Delicious but Unhealthy Foods Which You Must Look For An Alternative. One of the critical moments when taking care of our health. And that many of us overlook is the time to go shopping. And it is that the decisions that we make and that are going to influence in our feeding we began to take them long before going into the kitchen and, of course, long before eating. The moment we are going to buy is when we begin to make these decisions regarding our health.

12 Delicious but Unhealthy Foods Which You Must Look For An Alternative
12 Delicious but Unhealthy Foods Which You Must Look For An Alternative

And how are the decisions we make when filling our shopping cart? A good news would be that these decisions were the result of a reflection on what we need in our food and what foods or products can offer us. Lamtenablemente, as a rule, is not so, but we rely on what tells us something foreign to us: advertising. But does it tell us the whole truth?

The risks of buying “healthy products”

We are at a time when we all want to take care of our health, or at least our figure. And we know that a good diet is the first step we must take to be better. The industry, which is a good friend of the consumer, makes it much easier to tell us which are the best products that we should buy. By marking them with pink packaging, eye-catching claims or stamps from medical associations.

Wait. Did you believe it? Nothing is further from reality. The food industry, like any other business, has one purpose: to sell. And to achieve its end it resorts to some strategies that, in fact, are legal.  Although often they are not as ethical as they should be.

And other times it’s not the same advertising that makes you confused about how healthy a particular product is.  But it can be a traditional belief that if you eat breadcrumb your breasts grow or the one that if you do not drink the orange juice immediately you will get the vitamins.

Are we confused about the foods that we consider healthy?.  Is it the fault of the industry or our popular beliefs?. These are 18 foods that may seem very healthy at first sight but are not so healthy.

12 Delicious but Unhealthy Foods

Foods that look very healthy … and they are not

  1. Cereal bars

One of the most recurrent products at the time of the snack or to snack at noon, especially when we propose to follow a diet, is the cereal bars. A product that is advertised both for people who want to lose weight (who need to reduce calories) and for athletes (who need a higher calorie intake in the day due to the effort) should already be a bit scary. It is one of the 12 Delicious but Unhealthy Foods.

The reality: these bars are rich in carbohydrates through cereals (good), healthy fats through nuts (well too) and … contain a lot of saturated fats (bad). Palm oil is often used to displace hydrogenated fats and other products such as butter, which is healthier but also more expensive.

2. Commercial vegetable milk

An alternative for those who are lactose intolerant is vegetable milk that, coming from a vegetable source such as soy, almonds or hazelnuts. In addition, in recent years a crusade has been initiated against the consumption of cow’s milk that has benefited from the sale of these plant milk. Yes, they are among 12 Delicious but Unhealthy Foods.

The reality: will be healthier as long as it is only the product squeezed from the fruits. That is why they are among 12 Delicious but Unhealthy Foods. Something that is not the case in most cases (usually contains a maximum of 20% plant element). These so-called “milk” (the only thing they have of “milk” is that they are liquid and whitish). Usually have water as the first ingredient in their composition, and sugar as a second ingredient. And they are sold at the price of gold. Water with sugar makes it cheaper in my house, thank you.

Healthy alternative: we can drink milk without lactose or we can even make it homemade.

3. Light dairy desserts

Enter the field of light desserts is getting into a mess quite fat: Is it better that a dessert is skimmed, that does not carry sugar or is 0.0% fat? Why can not all three be at once? How does all this affect the advertising claims and the shopping baskets?

The fact is that for a product to have the claim of light what it has to comply is that there is a “big brother” that is not light (for example, there is light yogurt because there is normal yogurt, or we have light mayonnaise because there is normal mayonnaise) and it contains 30% less calories than the original product.

That said, does light mean low in calories? No, it simply has fewer calories than the original product. Does Light mean it’s healthier? It does not have to: it may contain more saturated fats or more sugar. Therefore, the light-healthy association that we usually do is not entirely correct. This is why they are in the list of 12 Delicious but Unhealthy Foods.

Healthy alternative: compare the label of your light or low-fat dessert with that of the original product. It is possible that you get better to buy the normal product.

4. Frozen yogurt

Is the mythical “yogurt” that Homer popularized at the time, is it a healthy product?. We wanted to sell it as such when compared to a traditional cream ice cream. We have been told that being a yogurt (something we all associate with a healthy food although it is not always so) is more beneficial to our health than a dessert frozen. Insurance?

The fact is that the frozen yogurt is neither yogurt nor is it ice cream. But it is made with different dairy products (it can include the yogurt between them) and it is seasoned with a good handful of sugar: authentic yogurt is a sour product, and all the frozen yogurts sold in the many franchises that have taken our streets are extremely sweet. If the sugar of the ice cream was not enough, the toppings that offer us to cover it are usually another sugar party and calorie-free without nutrients: syrups of different flavors, jams, Lacasitos, m & m’s, conguitos, Filipinos, Nocilla … Yes, There are also fruits, but the temptation to eat anything else is quite big, is not it?

Healthy alternative: have you tried to prepare frozen yogurt at home? If you have a refrigerator or yogurt maker it will be much easier; but if you do not have it, simply put the yogurt in the freezer and stir it every so often to reach a creamy, non-frozen texture.

5. Rice or corn pancakes

Also known as “corchopán pancakes” are a classic among people who go on a diet. What better option is there in the middle of the morning or mid-afternoon for a snack than a pancake that does not taste like anything?.  So a boat soon I think that a piece of fruit is a much more natural, healthier and, by the way, cheaper option. As always, not only do you care what you eat, but what you stop eating: choosing to eat the pancakes you are also choosing to stop eating that piece of fruit that is sure to make a better contribution of nutrients.

If we look at the ingredients of these toritas we see how about 80% of them are cereals (mostly rice or corn), salt and flavorings. That is, fast-absorbing carbohydrates (which do not keep you satiated long-term) and sodium. It is not a very smart option if what we want is to take care of the line or our health.

It is worth noting that it is relatively easy to spend with the consumption of these pancakes: they are light and eat very well, so it is not difficult to pass the recommended ration of 30 grams.

Healthy alternative: a piece of fruit works best as a snack. If you want to use them as a base for a tapa, you can use whole-grain toast.

6. Modena balsamic vinegar

A few years ago we witnessed the boom of balsamic vinegar of Modena in our country. Years ago there was wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar and stop counting. But suddenly the different types of balsamic vinegar came out like mushrooms and filled several shelves of supermarkets, especially in its variety of cream: raspberry, apple, mango … (Yes, mango).

The fact is that these creams or balsamic vinegars of industrial production and sold at just over two euros a bottle in the supermarket, have little to do with the original product. The balsamic vinegar of Modena, the good one, the one that has denomination of origin, is left to ferment for 12 years as little in barrels; This, as we can read in the blog I like to be well, it would mean for the industry not to obtain a profit from its manufacture.

So, what is the industrial vinegar of Modena? If we look at the ingredients of the bottles we can see that yes, obviously they carry vinegar, but also a good amount of dyes and sugar (sugar? Yes, and in several ways: as much sugar per se as glucose syrup and lactose).

Healthy alternative: the wine vinegar of a lifetime is fine to season. You can also use lemon in addition to olive oil

7. Cereal bread or whole grain bread

They are among 12 Delicious but Unhealthy Foods. Many times when we want to eat better or when we want to lose weight. The first thing we do is take our bread. Well, the truth is that a moderate consumption of bread can enter into a balanced and healthy diet. Although it is not a basic product for our food: after all, it is cereals, carbohydrates that our body needs to be able to function. But are all the loaves the same?

White bread would be the least healthy of all types of bread. Since it is made from refined flours.  That the only thing that remains of the original cereal (usually wheat) is starch, and along the way, we have lost vitamins and fiber. And what about whole wheat bread?. It would be a less bad option since in this case, we will be consuming the full grain of the cereals: to locate the “good” bread we should look for the one with the first ingredient “whole wheat flour (or other cereal)”.

And the multigrain bread? It sounds good, right?. Well, the only thing that indicates that name is that in its preparation have participated more cereals than wheat, but what we want to know is the percentage of these cereals. If 70% of these cereals is still wheat (which is quite common) and then contains 2% of rye or barley we will be paying a much higher price for bread essentially the same as white bread.

Healthy alternative: first of all we must be clear that bread is not an indispensable product. If we eat it, better the one that has whole flours.

9. Prepared Salads

What can be healthier than a salad? A vegetable base with vegetables, a light dressing and voila! We already have a healthy dish to eat. The problem comes when we begin to add to the salad products and foods that are not as healthy but tastier, something quite usual. We tend to think that, “well, since I am going to eat salad, which is very light, I can put some fried chicken, some bacon, some bread croutons and the dressing with this cream that comes in the bag so that know something. ” That is no longer a salad: that’s a free buffet. And they are among the 12 Delicious but Unhealthy Foods.

Bag or tin salads (yes, there are tin salads) usually bring a lot of ingredients that have nothing to do with a healthy salad. Not to mention the dressings loaded with flour and sugar. Are they better? Well, for most people, yes, we’re not going to be deceived either; but healthy, what is said healthy, a little less.

Special mention for those mega-salads of pasta in which there are half a kilo of spirals and two sheets of lettuce badly counted. If it looks like pasta, it smells like pasta and tastes like pasta, it’s pasta. No salad and they are among the 12 Delicious but Unhealthy Foods.

Healthy alternative: prepare the salad at home with a green vegetable base (lettuce, spinach, canons), fruit and vegetables (tomato, cucumber, pepper, avocado, carrot, also tubers such as potatoes) and include a source of protein (chicken grilled, tuna, salmon …) and dress with EVOO.

10. Industrial juices

They are among the 12 Delicious but Unhealthy Foods. Let’s go for the eternal question: does a juice equal a piece of fruit? Not at all. Apart from that when eating the piece of whole fruit you will be consuming all its fiber, the feeling of satiety that gives us eating, for example, an orange has nothing to do with drinking a juice of that fruit. An example: you can drink a carton of a liter of pineapple juice quietly in 10 minutes, but can you eat the equivalent in pineapples? (How much would it be? Two or three whole pieces?) Well, that’s it.

In addition, industrial juices contain a high content of sugars (now only from fruit, before they could also be added, but now it has to be called “nectar”), which is consumed without the fiber found in the piece of fruit whole, they are not all the benefits that we would want for our organism. And they make these Juices among the 12 Delicious but Unhealthy Foods.

Healthy alternative: whenever you can eat the whole fruit. If not, the juice squeezed at home is the second best option.

11. Sliced chicken or turkey breast

The product that is not missing in almost any refrigerator in the country: chicken breast or sliced turkey that saves more than a snack, dinner and, if you hurry me, some breakfast. If the “normal” turkey breast is already a healthy food, imagine those that are advertised as “low in fat”, “without salt” or “low in calories” (all with their pink packaging dedicated to women on a diet, Clear). The best you can eat at any time of the day, is not it?

Well, actually sliced turkey and chicken breast is a processed product (very processed) in which many things are lost along the way. So many that in the end we only have, with luck, 70% chicken or turkey. And the remaining 30%? With what is it filled? Basically with thickeners like flour (that’s why some are marked as “gluten free”), salt, soy protein, milk powder (WTF?) And, of course, sugar. Enjoy your meal. Reduce eating these 12 Delicious but Unhealthy Foods.

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Healthy alternative: buy butcher’s brisket, cut it and then store it frozen or grilled, for example, and refreeze it for when you need it.

12. Isotonic drinks

They are among the 12 Delicious but Unhealthy Foods. We are in a time when the sport is on the rise, and finding ourselves well and healthy has become a priority for many. To do this we go to the gym, go for a run, train outdoors, ride a bicycle … and of course, after the effort, we have to recover properly. That’s where isotonic drinks come into play.

These drinks make a good contribution of water and mineral salts, which is what we need to replace after exercise because we have lost a good amount of both in the form of sweat (no, sweat is not the fat we burn). Up to here perfect. But is that these drinks usually also carry a large amount of sugar: about 20 grams per bottle. After the exercise, you can replace with proteins and carbohydrates of quality, in no case with such a chute of sugar. In that case, they become among the 12 Delicious but Unhealthy Foods.

Healthy alternative: you can make a homemade recovery drink only with water, baking soda, salt, and lemon. Here you have the complete recipe.


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