Not all detergents are suitable for washing your clothes

Washing the baby’s clothes is a seemingly simple task that, however, requires certain precautions. Baby’s skin is much more delicate and sensitive

that of adults, and that is why it is so important to pay attention to the products we use to care for and keep your clothes clean. Using detergents that are not special for babies and containing sensitizing preservatives, isothiazolinones or optical brighteners, can trigger allergic outbreaks, rashes or aggravate atopic dermatitis.

Atopic dermatitis is the most frequent skin disease in babies: 15% of the population in Spain suffers from it and 90% of these cases are children. It is not contagious, but it is very annoying since irritation usually occurs on the face, elbows or knees.

Therefore, dermatologists recommend fixing the detergent composition and washing the baby’s clothes only with products that have been formulated specifically for them and do not contain substances that can be aggressive and cause reactions on your skin.

Tips and tricks to wash baby clothes

As we have said, washing baby clothes needs more attention than adults’, so we give you some tips:-It is highly recommended to wash your clothes separately, especially during the first months when your skin is more sensitive.

– It is necessary to choose a detergent with neutral and hypoallergenic formula, which has been specifically tested in babies and children with atopic skin and with a tendency to develop dermatitis, such as that of Norit.

– It is advisable to wash all the clothes of the baby before being used, including the bedding and the towels, since in this way we will be sure that we eliminate all the dust that may have taken as well as the sizing.

– You can wash your clothes both by hand and in the washing machine, as you prefer. If you do it by machine, remember to use a delicate program, at low temperature and with a gentle spin cycle.

– It is important that the clothes are well rinsed, so do not overdose: always use only the recommended dose of detergent. Using more product will not make the clothes look better. It is more: you run the risk of not being well clarified.

– Do not use softener to wash your clothes as they are products that can carry high amounts of perfume and other allergenic ingredients.

– Do not forget to lay the clothes immediately at the end of the washing cycle: this will prevent garments from wrinkling and picking up bad odors.

Once the baby is six months old we can gradually mix his clothes with the rest of the family, being careful that the baby’s skin does not suffer any irritation or rubbing. As with the clothes of adults, it is very important to check the label of each garment before washing to avoid displeasure.



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