Have you ever heard the old adage that a woman can lie about her age, but her neck and hands tell the truth? That is about to change …

The French say that a woman’s face begins on her breasts, and that you must take as much care of this skin as you do with your precious face. They have a point. We spend a lot of time, money and effort to keep our facial skin looking more youthful, but the image below the jaw line often tells a different story.

It’s no wonder, then, that people are realizing that the slow signs of aging means treating their skin from head to toe. Fortunately, Skin and Body Renewal has all kinds of different aesthetic treatments to help you do it. Of course, prevention is always better, but if you already have signs of aging in your neck and chest, there are many things you can do to soften these, or even get rid of them completely.

Do not neglect your neck (and your chest)

The skin of the neck and neckline is fine, but due to its position, it is prone to sun damage, which can result in a permanently tanned or reddened skin. Where you spray your perfume, you can also see dark spots of pigmentation where the fragrance reacts with sun exposure. And, of course, it is prone to the loss of collagen and elastin by premature sun damage. This means that you may begin to notice that the skin feels looser, and that is followed by horizontal wrinkles, age spots, vertical bands of the neck, a fan of vertical lines on the chest when you wake up in the morning, which often they do not disappear. Not at all, not to mention the flaccidity and even the development of a dreaded double neck or turkey.

Preserving and reversing the signs of aging in the neck and chest area can be achieved by investing in collagen-stimulating treatments such as peels, skin punctures, carboxytherapy, PRP (vampire facials) and laser facials. In fact, most treatments that promote the production of collagen in the face can also be performed on the neck and chest. So take that investment in your face one step further.

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Help your hands

The skin of our hands is also very thin, with little filling, and we put our hands through extreme challenges such as frequent washing (which removes its protective barrier against dehydration), not to mention the fact that they are very exposed to collagen – Degrading factors such as UV rays and pollution. But how many of us take good care of them? We should wash with gentle hand cleansers without soap and use hand cream with sunscreen and antioxidants. In this way, we could delay or even avoid the signs of aging: “age spots”, thinning of the skin with visible veins and bony bony hands.

Our advice

If your hands are already showing signs of damage, you can do a great deal to improve their appearance, tone and texture: chemical peels can increase the renewal of skin cells. Treat the pigmentation and stimulate collagen renewal with other beneficial treatments such as laser rejuvenation, skin puncture and carboxytherapy. Finally, you can fill the skin so that the veins and bones are less visible with the fillers that are injected into areas where the volume is reduced.


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