Awesome Ways of Treating darker skin issues

Most of us focus on pigmentation issues when we think that our complexion is darker, but did you know there is a treatment for other common problems?

Papular Nigra Dermatosis (DPN)

Remember the actor Morgan Freeman … besides his contagious smile, the “freckles” on his face immediately came to mind. Probably the most important person with dermatosis papulosa nigra (NPC): small benign, brown or black growths (seborrheic keratosis), which often occurs in a group of face and neck. Often confused with moles or warts, they are caused by a combination of hereditary factors, aging and sunlight, and can affect both men and women. Although they are not cancerous, many people prefer to treat them because their number and size grows with the skin.
DPNs can be successfully removed with a long pulsed laser. This procedure is well tolerated and causes mild discomfort. The healing usually takes place within a week. The skin may initially be slightly discolored when it is removed, but these usually disappear quickly, especially if the skin is pretreated with a pigment inhibiting agent.
Any laser smaller than the size of the point to be treated can safely be used on darker skin types.

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Ingrown hair

People with curly hair are more likely to have ingrown hair, so it’s a common nightmare for many people with darker skin types. The reason why they occur is that the hair, rather than growing directly through the pores, laterally curls or develops, making it more likely to be trapped in the hair follicle. This can happen with the hair and facial hair.
When this happens, inflammation of the skin first occurs, often followed by a pustule. Many ingrown hairs eventually develop independently and do not need any treatment. However, if you catch them frequently, or if they are infected, painful and uncomfortable, you can remove the hair from the problem area with lasers. You may also have post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation in areas that have had inflammation, and this can also be effectively treated with medical skin care options in the clinic, as well as routine home-care.

Skin tags

Those of us who discover that patches of skin appear on our bodies (including our necks, our armpits and our eyelids our breasts where the bra will be rubbed under the arms just below the breasts) are often puzzled by these tiny pieces of skin. They are completely harmless, but they can be irritating when they are in a rubbed area, and many of us do not like their looks very much.
They can occur in both men and women with age and are common in people with type 2 diabetes.
Body Renewal uses office therapies such as excision (cutting) and / or secondaries with nitrous oxide. Larger skin tags can also be laser-etched.

Skin and Body Renewal is committed to the latest technological innovations in this field and offers treatment for all skin types.


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