In particular, many women want a slimmer face. In our article, we give you various advice on how to achieve this in a very natural way

Not everyone likes to run around with their “apple cheeks” or “baby cheeks” on their faces. Some people even call it “baby face” when the face appears too round and plump. Let’s see it positively: the rounder the face, the fewer wrinkles! If you still want a slimmer face, you should read our tips:

Weight reduction for a slimmer face

The most effective remedy for a slimmer face is definitely weight loss. Because most of the time it is small flab under the skin and over our facial muscles that make the face round.

Dieting is not only good for your face – it also makes the rest of your body slimmer! Each kilo less brings a big plus for your health, because overweight is one of the biggest health risks ever!

Obesity causes many sequelae such as diabetes, high blood pressure, joint problems, heart disease and more.

So you should not just diet for a slimmer face. It is important that you lose weight slowly and healthily.

Unfortunately, crash diets cause malnutrition and, instead of fat, are mostly derived from muscle mass – and that’s not what rounds your face. Therefore, be well informed about how you can lose kilos in the long term!

For a slimmer face abstain from alcohol

There are so-called cavernous bodies in the face, which can store water if the body deems it necessary. Among other things, these cavernous bodies are located in your cheeks, so that stored water makes your face look much more rounded.

These cavernous bodies are influenced by the body through various factors. One of them is alcohol. That’s why the saying comes from recognizing a drunk on his face.

Because it is not just the proverbial “drunkard nose” that exposes alcohol consumption!
If you refrain from alcohol, your erectile tissue will rarely fill with water and your face will become slimmer!


Water retention not only causes discomfort in the legs but can also build up on the face. We notice them on the legs immediately, because we get “heavy legs”.

It is not unpleasant to feel on the face and usually only attracts attention when we look in the mirror.

To prevent such water retention in the face, you should avoid all foods that promote water retention in the body.

This not only includes salt, but also sugar. Great heat also leads to water retention.

The vessels are widening, allowing more water to flow through. Ice-cold washcloths from the freezer or cold water can be the first remedy.

Dehydrating teas for a slimmer face

Mother Nature has something for us in her herb garden for many ailments. Also for draining there are excellent herbal teas.

The easiest way is to buy a dehydration tea in the pharmacy or the drugstore. Not all teas taste the same, because the herbs are contained in different concentrations.

If you want to make your own tea: Nettle leaves have a dehydrating effect.

Drink a lot!

Adequate hydration promotes a good metabolism and this in turn ensures that the body has a balanced fluid ratio.

So drinking a lot does not mean: a lot of water storage, but exactly the opposite!

Please drink only non-calorific drinks such as water or herbal teas, so as not to gain weight or to store water again with sugar! So you not only get a slimmer face but also firmer skin.


Ginger has a stimulating effect on the metabolism and can thus also have a draining effect. This effect is ultimately reflected by a slimmer face. Just add ginger to your diet.
In addition you have many options: ginger tea, ginger water with ginger pieces and lemon slices, ginger to carrots or other vegetables, ginger in orange juice or exotic foods, etc.

Your creativity with delicious ginger knows no bounds!

facial gymnastics

Even if it looks funny: Facial gymnastics in front of the mirror helps to stimulate the blood circulation and remove accumulated water in the face.

Make sure to use your face first to avoid straining the skin with exaggerated grimaces. On the Internet you will find various instructions.

Try extreme grinning, because that’s one of the simplest exercises.

chewing gum

By chewing gum on a regular basis, you increase the muscular activity in your face. This leads to better blood circulation and a better metabolism of the facial muscles.

Excess water can be better transported away and your face becomes slimmer! A gentle massage can still support this effect.

Use hands to brush from nose to ears and from cheek to neck.


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