Our genital area is one of the most sensitive parts of our body. Special care is paramount here. When shaving, you should, therefore, take care and prudence. When you shave for the first time, your genital area is likely to be irritated. Unpleasant redness, razor burn, and pimples can be the result. To prevent this from happening, you can use these 10 Tips For Perfect Pubic Hairs Shaving

10 Tips For Perfect Pubic Hairs Shaving


1. Trim your pubic hair before shaving

If the hair is too long (eg during the first shave), the separated hairs hinder or clog the blades and thus prevent a proper, smooth shave. The razor must therefore often be removed by hair or a pleasant nursing ritual is already at the beginning of a complicated procedure.

So as not to give rise to the feeling of trouble, you should clip your pubic hair with a pair of nail scissors as short as possible before shaving. So your razor does not clog so often and you feel the intimate shave as a pleasant.

2. Use shaving cream or shaving gel

Many shaving creams and shaving gel products, such as NIVEA Gentle Shave 2in1 Shower & Shave, now have nourishing and soothing ingredients. The skin enjoys even during shaving a small dose of care.

The biggest plus, however, lies in the softening of the hairs. The razor can cut through the hair much easier. Especially with the mostly very firm pubic hair a very welcome effect. This not only saves blades but also nerves and protects the skin.

3. Use a movable razor

movable razor
movable razor

For your intimate shave, you should choose a razor that has a flexible head. This makes it easier to reach even hard-to-reach places. The NIVEA protect & shave shaver with its swivel head is simply ideal for this! Do not use a razor with blunt blades. Otherwise, they risk unsightly injuries. The improved blade position of the NIVEA protect & shave razor allows a particularly smooth gliding.

4. Shave in the direction of growth

So you do not even get to know razor burn, skin irritations and pimples in the genital area, shave the hair in the direction of growth. Your pores are spared and you prevent inflammation. The shave may not be quite as smooth as you like, but you’ll give your sensitive intimate area time to get used to the shave. After a few shaves, you will notice that your skin is no longer irritated even on an intimate shave against the direction of growth.

5. Maintain your skin

Every shave means micro-injuries and stress for the skin. But with the right care, your bikini area can be skillfully calmed and pampered.

Use mild, nourishing aftershave creams or lotions. This relaxes the sensitive skin and allows her a break.

An insider tip is the use of baby powder as it gently soothes the skin. At least avoid lotions and creams with irritating ingredients such as alcohol. These can cause itchy or painful reactions.

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6. Never shave over irritated skin

If your skin is irritated, reddened or pimples have formed, avoid pubic hair shaving until these symptoms resolve. This gives your skin the much needed time for recovery.

7. Wear cotton underwear

cotton underwear
cotton underwear

Cotton underwear offers several advantages. It is breathable, comfortable to wear, prevents skin irritation due to hard tips, absorbs sweat and can be boiled out. Especially after the intimate shave offers a loosely fitting cotton underwear highest wearing comfort.

8. Shave in the evening

If you shave in the evening, give your skin additional time to recover, since you barely move or sweat. If you were to shave in the morning, the stressed skin would immediately be confronted with everyday stress such as clothing and exercise.

9. Cool your skin after the intimate shave

To “close” the pores after intimate shaving, making them less susceptible to inflammation, cool the shaved areas with cold water. Use a washcloth or sponge soaked in cold water. The brave can also opt for the version in the shower. But also, you can use Aloe Vera Cream as there are so many Benefits of Aloe Vera For More Health and Beauty.

Here you can shower the shaved areas with cold water. Pubs once differently. If you do not use this method, we can reassure you. With a cooled Aloe Vera gel or the NIVEA Care Sensitive cream, you will achieve the same result and still care for the skin.

10. Do not share your razor

Especially for such important things as personal hygiene utensils for the private parts should not be shared. With washcloths and razors you can (and should!) Become an egotist. So treat yourself alone and use these Tips For Perfect Pubic Hairs Shaving


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